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Development Focus


Our Development Focus:

AppliedEye has a development style which suited for new product development. Our focus is on evolving system and software whose requirement will change over time (most times at very short notice).

Right from the architecture, to team assembly to UI design, providing API access and delivery and after that marketing, we have built on our experience of years to create a product creation cycle that just works.


 Our Development Focus:

1. Design for evolution:

We realize a software program (desktop/client server/browser/hybrid) is a product which will always remain under construction.

We believe success depends on your ability to quickly respond to customer demands and keep evolving as per market demands and your own new found vision.

This makes is quintessential that your software was designed from the ground up to be flexible and evolve.

 This is why we never expect our clients to give us exact specifications, we expect change, and we design for evolution.


2. Focus on user - UI is the king

How many software companies have you know lately that see UI as a differentiator between your product and your competitor?

 We agree with pioneering companies like Apple Inc. that believed UI has the power to differentiate between a good product and a great product.

Even if you are developing an application only your company employees will use, smartly designed information architecture and UI will decide how people adopt and use your software.

3. Intelligent by design

We realized working with our clients that simply making an app isn’t good enough, to succeed you need smart apps. Apps that don’t just do their work, but gather important data from various stages that can be used to actionable data that will help you fine tune your product, evolve it based on actual data and make your marketing work.


We put this kind of intelligence right in your system, so even if you never though about this angle of your product, count on us to get it delivered. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

 4. Faster is better - Speed of development

We pride ourselves in developing apps faster. We do it by using reusable component, simple extensible architecture, following carefully thought out development design & coding practices and smaller agile teams.

5. Bigger is better - Scalable design

We want apps we design to scale up. We want them to server hundreds and thousands of users. We want them to be multi tenant. We want them to be smart enough to let us roll our new features in a continuous basis without disruption. We want 100% uptime. We want happier users. We want our clients to be seen as reliable providers.

6. Sense of security - Secure by design

Application security is complicated aspect of development. Especially in browser based applications.

From sanitizing the data, to smart design of user authentication and authorization, to monitoring user activity and taking proactive preventive measures, our checklist to make sure your web app is secure is huge.

 Quite simply, we care about your apps security.

























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web application software development company India 

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