web application software development company India
web application software development company India   web application software development company India   web application software development company India   web application software development company India   web application software development company India
India Offshore Outsourcing Services Company - Offshoring Services India

We provide strategic outsourcing services to ISV’s, IT departments of existing companies, small business, startups and product development firms and agencies.

Services we provide:

Resource augmentation
You tell us your requirement and we work with you to hire skilled and talented individual to work for you from our development center. Minimum duration of 1 year per resource required, no minimum number of resources required.

Offshore development center setup
If you are planning to start your own captive center in India, we can help you setup your India center as per your requirement and smoothen the process for you. We will deal with every process required to setup, get your India center running and then handover the driver’s seat to you or manage it for you for as long as required by you.

This is how most India centers have been opened in the last few years, by partnering with a local trusted company you reduce your risks, costs and virtually guarantee success in the long term.

Short duration resource hiring
If you need to hire a skilled resource on a hourly basis, we can help you get up to speed within a day. Just tell us the skill you need to hire and we will put a skilled individual with you within no time.

Open freelance network
We have also partnered with hundreds of full-time freelancers to work with. Certain clients prefer working with full-time freelancers, we respect that and have created the best of both worlds for you, get all the benefit of hiring a full-time freelancer and the peace of mind of hiring from a big company, we ensure that you get the best freelancer to work with, and then make sure your freelancer for your success. Contact us to learn more.

Open Outsourcing network
We also understand no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to get every skill under the sun. When a client comes to us, they have diverse needs, sometimes we don’t have the skill required, which clients understand and hire a firm that provides that specialized skill to work with us.

We just simplified the process a bit, we have already partnered with hundred of organization providing diverse specialized skills so you don’t have to.

We understand your requirements for full control and employ multiple strategies to make sure you never find a bump in the road when outsourcing with us. We keep the process fast, efficient, cost effective and protect your intellectual property.

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web application software development company India 

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