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Search engine optimization is the combination of various techniques, practical experience, knowledge of information retrieval algorithms and common sense to rank a web site for keywords and key phrases chosen in top results of search engines like Google.


Search engines provide most of the traffic to most websites. Ranking well in search engines makes searchers find the information they are looking for in search engines find your website.

Ranking well in search engines is important for any business even if its not selling product or service as people trust a brand that ranks well in search engines.

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How to Maximize ROI on Search engine optimization?

Some SEO companies fool clients into believing making minor modifications to your website will rank them in search engines, some SEO companies pick up the easiest words available and after ranking them do no bother to know if SEO campaign added to the clients bottom line.

Some open you home page and change the meta data, title and description to include your keywords and search optimization is done.

This happens because there is a swarm of websites on the internet that want to rank and get caught by the wrong SEO companies, once your money is gone its gone the SEO will find many clients.

To Maximize your ROI its imperative to know what do you want from your campaign and then ask your optimization company how they are going to achieve this. If they do not give a clear answer mayer you need to find another Search engine optimization firm.

This is what the case is with most optimization companies and so called SEO's. Ignorance and half the knowledge is why most people get their websites banned and removed from search engines.

An SEO should know how algorithms function. He should know how to optimize a website for keywords that actually make any business sense. A SEO should know how to protect rankings from search engine algorithm changes.

Its easy to stuff a web page with mindless keywords all over. Thats not SEO. Thats the recipe for how to get banned in search engines

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What does Search engine optimization process involve?

There are a host of factors involved in professional SEO/SEP which need to be modified and monitored over time to optimize.

As you might gather optimization is a gradual process and not a over nitght process optimization by very nature involves modifications based on feedback you receive over time and hence its takes time and effort.

A typical search engine optimization process is completed in 3 months after which the results are monitored and we initiate steps to make sure the ranking keep on increasing. All though the traffic usually increases after just one month as smaller search engine start ranking our website faster. The bigger search engines namely Google, Msn and Yahoo take 1 month to 6 months to start ranking websites.

Seo Training

Staff of over 25 web design, software companies and businesses have been trained by our SEO trainers so far. If you wish to provide training to your staff contact us.

Note: Our SEO portolio, client list and prices are not disclosed on this website as we believe publicizing our results can endanger our clients web promotion efforts. Please email us for more information.


Some factors according to latest patent by one renowned search company are

  • Age of site
  • Length of time domain has been registered
  • Age of content
  • Regularity with which new content is added
  • Age of link and reputation of linking site
  • Standard on-site factors
  • Negative scoring for on-site factors (for example, a dampening for sites with extensive keyword meta tags indicative of having being SEO-ed)
  • Uniqueness of content
  • Related terms used in content (the terms the search engine associates as being related to the main content of the page)
  • Google Pagerank (Only used in Google's algorithm)
  • External links, the anchor text in those external links and in the sites/pages containing those links
  • Citations and research sources (indicating the content is of research quality)
  • Stem-related terms in the search engine's database (finance/financing)
  • Incoming backlinks and anchor text of incoming backlinks
  • Negative scoring for some incoming backlinks (perhaps those coming from low value pages, reciprocated backlinks, etc.)
  • Rate of acquisition of backlinks: too many too fast could indicate "unnatural" link buying activity
  • Text surrounding outward links and incoming backlinks. A link following the words "Sponsored Links" could be ignored
  • Use of "rel=nofollow" to suggest that the search engine should ignore the link
  • Depth of document in site
  • Metrics collected from other sources, such as monitoring how frequently users hit the back button when SERPs send them to a particular page
  • Metrics collected from sources like the Google Toolbar, Google AdWords/Adsense programs, etc.
  • Metrics collected in data-sharing arrangements with third parties (like providers of statistical programs used to monitor site traffic)
  • Rate of removal of incoming links to the site
  • Use of sub-domains, use of keywords in sub-domains and volume of content on sub-domains… and negative scoring for such activity
  • Semantic connections of hosted documents
  • Rate of document addition or change
  • IP of hosting service and the number/quality of other sites hosted on that IP
  • Other affiliations of linking site with the linked site (do they share an IP? have a common postal address on the "contact us" page?)
  • Technical matters like use of 301 to redirect moved pages, showing a 404 server header rather than a 200 server header for pages that don't exist, proper use of robots.txt
  • Hosting uptime
  • Whether the site serves different content to different categories of users (cloaking)
  • Broken outgoing links not rectified promptly
  • Unsafe or illegal content
  • Quality of HTML coding, presence of coding errors
  • Actual click through rates observed by the search engines for listings displayed on their SERPs
  • Hand ranking by humans of the most frequently accessed SERPs.

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