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Team Hire - Offshore Staffing Services India

Offshore Team Hire & temporary staffing service in India

 Lets keep this simple.

Team hire services present huge benefits for forward thinking agencies, ISV's, Startups and Companies. While your competitors would be blaming the lack of good talent, high costs, high attrition and such factors for lack of business growth, you will be enjoying a 24 hour working cycle, no administrative or training costs & hassles and access to every kind of skill, so you never have to say no to another client ever again no matter what their requirement is.

And your in-house team will be a happier lot when their burden is shared and they have access to diverse range of friendly & knowledgeable professionals across the world. 

Technologies & areas in which Team hire services are available are:

1. PHP/Symfony/Drupal/Facebook App Developers/iPhone-iPad Developers/MSQL/MYSQL (Junior/Senior/Architect/Manager)

2. .Net/Java/J2ee/WPF/ MSSQL/MYSQL/Oracle(Junior/Senior/Manager)

3. Interactive Marketing/SEO/SEM/SMO/Affiliate Program Manager/Media Buying/Reporting & Analytics (Junior/Senior/Manager)

4. Web Design/User interface design/Usability testing & analysis

5. Knowledge Workers & Professionals

This includes an processes that require knowledge skills, Net research/competitor research/content development/patent research etc/backoffice tasks/client coordination/online chat/video post productions/image post productions/link building etc

6. Virtual assistants

7. Webmasters

 Cost of hiring 10$ upwards per hour, Minimum 20 hours. Discounted rate for long term projects & commitments.

Team hire services are for companies and firms who are looking for

  • 50-80% cost savings on programming, designing, knowledge based work.
  • Reduce the hassles of forming team themselves and manage recruitment, payroll, performance, talent scouting
  • Better deal with the talent crunch
  • Quickly expand their capabilities in areas they do not have expertise in
  • To get 24 hour working cycle
  • To have complete control over their team
  • To get a competitive edge and shorten time to deliver and market
  • Leverage India's vast and diverse knowledge based talent pool

How to proceed with Team hire services?

We will be happy to listen to what problems you are facing & how team hiring services from AppliedEye can help you resolve this. To get started simply email and we will get back to you very quickly.


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web application software development company India 

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